Vanessa Lachey: Husband Nick Already Wants Another Baby

Vanessa Lachey and husband, singer/songwriter Nick Lachey are already talking about adding another Lachey baby to the clan. It was revealed earlier this week that the TV host and model gained 65 pounds when she was pregnant with her son Camden, now nine months old.

It seems that, even though Vanessa gained all that baby weight first time round, it hasn’t put her off wanting to have another one. Gaining weight during pregnancy is a difficult challenge for young moms, especially those like Vanessa who are in the limelight 24/7.

Vanessa sets a good example offering new moms the following advice: “I gained, I think, 65 pounds when I was pregnant. And I will say to moms out there, ‘Don’t stress about losing it. It will happen when it happens.’ Cam’s 9 months, so it’s been a minute, and we’re working, and we’re travelling, and it’s just about maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle, not obsessing about it.”

As she told reporters also this week when she was asked about the prospect of another pregnancy: “Of course! Yes, God-willing, it will be at the right time,” Continuing: “Right now we’re happy with where we’re at. We’re happy with having him. But in the future, we’d love to add to our family.”

Vanessa Lachey also spoke a bit about her son, Camden: “He started crawling!. He’s gotten four teeth and a full head of hair.” The star beamed as she spoke about the quality time she spends with her baby:

“Breakfast and lunch I try to keep him kind of clean because he’s got the whole day ahead of him. But by dinner, I know that right after he’s going into a bath, so I let him go at it and the food is everywhere. It’s on his face. It’s on his feet. It’s in his chair. It’s literally everywhere! He’s just — he’s a boy, a typical boy”

Luckily for Vanessa her husband, Nick, with all his boyish looks is also in touch with his feminine side. According to Vanessa Lachey the couple have a “Great system” as they split laundry duties while at dinner time she cooks and he does the dishes.

We won’t be surprised to hear another pregnancy announcement from the Lachey’s soon. If we do, you’ll be the first to know.

Do you agree that it’s important for role models like Vanessa Lachey to give young mothers the message she gave them? Were you discouraged from having children because you couldn’t face the weight gain? Sound off in the comments below.