Kate Upton Slyly Insults Justin Verlander On Twitter

Kate Upton apparently doesn’t think much of her ex-boyfriend Justin Verlander.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model took a moment out of her busy schedule to deliver a thinly-veiled comment regarding her former beau. It’s sly and subtle, but if you’re at all familiar with Upton’s love life, it’s easy to connect the proverbial dots.

On Wednesday, Kate Upton sent Frank Viola III a virtual birthday card on Twitter. Although the gesture seemed harmless at first glance, those who have been following rumors about Justin Verlander and the model’s relationship quickly picked up on the message the card contained.

“Happy Birthday to a friend of a friend who I like more than the original friend,” the message reads.

For those with better things to do with your free time, Kate Upton and Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander were briefly an item once upon a time. Frank Viola III is her ex-boyfriend’s best friend, a relationship that seems to have survived the couple’s breakup. Awkward? Probably.

According to Big League Stew, Kate Upton must have realized her birthday wish wasn’t really appropriate. The website claims Upton removed the tweet about 45 minutes after it first arrived. However, it hung around long enough for someone to get a screen capture of it.

Instead of the slyly insulting birthday card, UPI points out Kate Upton later issued a tweet that was insult-free. The model simply wishes Viola a happy birthday without any sort of hidden meaning or subtext. You can find both of these communications embedded below.

Here’s the original message issued by the Upton.

Justin Verlander

The insult-free follow-up is below.

In other Kate Upton news, TMZ recently uncovered video of the model riding topless on a horse. Somewhere in the world of baseball, the Detroit Tigers pitcher is probably very sad.

Are you a fan of Kate Upton? What do you think about her thin-veiled message to Justin Verlander in a recent birthday wish to Frank Viola III?

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