Vanessa Hudgens Goes Surfing With Ashley Greene In Bali [Video]

Vanessa Hudgens is enjoying every minute of her trip to Bali, Indonesia with close friend and Twilight star Ashley Greene. The two popular celebs were enjoying themselves on Wednesday as they went surfing at the Oakley Learn To Ride Event.

During their adventure, the girls brought along EXTRA and made a video of their experience as they learned to pop up on surfboards and paddle out before riding waves.

“I had the most amazing time ever today” Hudgens told EXTRA. “I’ve gone surfing a few times before, but nothing like this. I caught waves on my own, I had some really awesome rides, and surfed a bunch and loved it!”

This was Hudgens first trip to Bali and it seems like she’s starting to get the hang of surfing. The practice on the water was also tiring as she went on to say, “I’m going to be really sore tomorrow probably, but it was so worth it!”

Vanessa Hudgens has come a long way since her appearances on the Disney Channel and her prominent role as Gabriella Montez on the High School Musical series. She recently starred next to Selena Gomez in the summer hit movie Spring Breakers and she’s now soaking up the sun off the screen with her trip to Bali.

Ashley Greene, on the other hand, had some struggles with surfing and she even posted a photo of her scratched up leg on Instagram.

“War wound from surfing today with Oakley. The reef ate me up. #worthit,” Greene said in her post, which you can see below.

Ashley Greene wasn't the best surfer in Bali.


It’s obvious she tried pretty hard, but the photo suggests that she wasn’t too successful on a surfboard. Nevertheless, Greene is enjoying her trip with her close friend and they even wore what looked to be matching bikinis. From taking to the pool with friends to laying out on a boat and snapping photos, Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens were having the time of their life in Bali.

[Image via Liam Mendes | Instagram]