Dad Rented Movie Theater, Turned It Into Video Arcade For Son’s Birthday

Not many 13-year-old boys can say that they had a rented movie theater for their birthday, but not everyone is Jonah. The teenager was treated to a pretty spectacular birthday present by his dad, Travis, who rented out the SunRay Cinema in Jacksonville, Florida to allow his son a fun-filled five hours of gaming.

Furthermore, although the whole idea might sound like a pricey package, Travis only had to pay out $300 for the experience, which included unlimited drinks and pizzas throughout their stay.

When you consider that many birthday parties at other establishments can cost similar or higher, the price tag of the video arcade doesn’t seem too high.

To help transform the cinema into a gamers paradise, Travis and the SunRay team set up several consoles and allowed the whole five hours to be nothing more than games galore.

There was no end of games on display at this 13th birthday celebration. From Skyrim to Portal, the teen and his dad had a varied selection of games for their rented movie theater experience.

I don’t know about other gamers, but I’m curious to know whether Jonah had any collector’s editions in his gaming collection, especially when you consider that games such as Skyrim have a legendary edition that includes all the DLC. Can you just imagine that played on a cinema screen?

In addition to the long list of games and consoles, Jonah also had the luxury of the controllers working everywhere within the theater, which meant that he could test out various position to achieve the best gaming place without having to sacrifice gaming time.

There are no doubt many gamers reading this desperately wanting the same opportunity.

From all the goodies listed, it probably sounds like Jonah is a spoiled child; however, that doesn’t appear to be the case at all. In fact, the 13-year-old is known for his fundraising events in aid of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and The Walk To Cure Diabetes.

Jonah is a Type 1 diebetes sufferer and therefore really understands the difficulties that young people face when they’re dealing with the condition. Therefore, the whole video arcade experience seems a fair way of giving a dedicated son the opportunity to do what he loves without other gamers hogging the good spots.

This experience is undoubtedly better than watching first-run movies from the comfort of your home or even playing games on a huge TV screen.

All in all, this rented out movie theater birthday present will go down in the history of awesome events. It certainly has my vote.


[Image via Daily of the Day]