Karl Lagerfeld Video Game Lets You Snatch His Sunglasses

Karl Lagerfeld Video Game Lets You Snatch His Sunglasses

If you’ve ever wondered what a Karl Lagerfeld video game would be like, then your question has been answered thanks to the launch of I Want Karl’s Sunglasses. As unlikely as it may sound, the outspoken fashion designer has been turned into a pixelated version of himself as part of a digital marketing initiative for his designer eye wear.

The game has a simple but clear aim for its players to follow — you’re expected to take the fashionista’s signature sunglasses off his head. While that might sound very easy, there’s the small issue that Lagerfeld has another pair of sunglasses under each pair you remove.

To get a brief taster of how challenging the glasses snatching business can be, the intro to the game lets you see a real-life woman try to steal the sunglasses off of the pixelated Lagerfeld.

Therefore, although the Karl Lagerfeld video game might sound relatively simple, it appears to be harder than it looks and not just because of the fashion designers smart move with the endless eyewear.

There is also the persistent remarks that Lagerfeld’s pixelated version taunts you with; furthermore, when you lose, the mini fashion designer will inform you that “Karl has no more time for you.”

Whether you like how eccentric the real-life Karl Lagerfeld is or not, there’s no denying that this well known fashion designer is seemingly taking the world (and the Internet) by storm due to his outlandish behavior. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that we read that Lagerfeld wanted to marry his cat, who, in her own right, is an exceptionally pampered feline.

Then in addition to his cat loving ways, the famous designer is also known for his harsh insults, particularly for his comments about singer Adele. Though in an unusual turn of events, apparently those remarks helped the singer to lose weight.

Therefore, while this video game idea might sound a little weird or odd, it is probably quite normal for the flamboyant Karl Lagerfeld.

To ensure you don’t miss out on getting your virtual hands on the fashion designers sunglasses, go and try the Karl Lagerfeld video game for yourself.


[Image via jeveuxleslunettesdekarl.com]