Abby Wambach Breaks Mia Hamm Record For Most Goals [Video]

Abby Wambach broke Mia Hamm’s record for international career goals tonight after netting four shots against South Korea.

Wambach now has 160 career goals during international games, two more than Mia Hamm.

According to the Huffington Post, Wambach scored three times during the first 29 minutes. She scored her record breaking goal on a line-drive header off of a corner kick. Wambach nearly scored a fifth goal tonight against South Korea which would have tied her single-game record.

Mia Hamm, who ended her storied career in 2004, said that she was very proud of Wambach’s achievement.

Hamm said: “I’m just so proud of her … Just watching those four goals, that’s what she is all about. She fights for the ball, she’s courageous and she never gives up. Her strength and perseverance is what makes her so great and it’s what defenders and opposing teams fear. From being her teammate early in her career, I know all she ever wanted to do was win, and she continues to do that. I’m just glad I got to share 158 with her. It was short, but it was fun.”

Wambach has been in the spotlight over the last few weeks as soccer fans waited to see if she would catch up to Mia Hamm. The U.S. soccer player said that she was happy to break Hamm’s record because now the spotlight will fade a little.

But it’s not gone yet. Here’s a video of Abby Wambach’s record breaking goal.