June 16, 2013
Where can you get free cheesecake for National Cheesecake Day?

Did you know that there was a National Cheesecake Day, and today's it?

While food holidays generally don't interest the general public, most people's ears perk up when they discover free or deeply discounted food is involved. And cheesecake freebies abound today, so you might want to drop in on a local place- some big name non-chain joints are participating, too.

The Cheesecake Factory, an upscale casual dining chain with dozens of really good (and I say this as a New Yorker and former Brooklynite) varieties of cheesecake, is unsurprisingly leading the cheesecake promotion pack for National Cheesecake Day. Their normally pricey slices of cheesecake, available in flavors like Red Velvet, Tiramisu and various fruit options, is half off all day. But the brand threw a bone to social media users, offering an exclusive (printable) coupon for Facebook fans yesterday to receive cheesecake slices for $1.50.

Junior's in Brooklyn, arguably the cheesecake, has an even better deal. People who order lunch or dinner today at the cheesecake mecca get a free slice, and to celebrate the NYC institution's 60th anniversary, a la carte cheesecake is only 60 cents a slice. That's Brooklyn only, though- Times Square and Grand Central locations won't be giving away cheesecake or discounting it.