Kim And Kanye's Daughter's Name Revealed As 'North West', No Really


If we needed to, we could easily write a baby name book based on the names reported for Kanye West's and Kim Kardashian's daughter.

It was originally reported that baby West's name started with a K, and that rumor was going on for some time. Then it was revealed by a source that the name of Kanye and Kim's daughter does not start with a K. So what's the name? It's North West, of course.

Seriously, the name we have all been waiting for is indeed North West. What was once considered a running joke, or a harmless internet troll, is in fact, a reality. So how was North West's name revealed? Well, it seems as though TMZ has obtained an official birth certificate from Cedars-Sinai Hospital which is where little North West was delivered.

The name North West hasn't been the only name revealed since the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's bundle of joy. According to Media Takeout a nurse at Cedars Sinai Hospital revealed that the name was Kaidence Donda West, and then another name was suggested to be, Klementine Star West, after random domain purchases popped up on the internet. Another name circulating for baby West was Kai Georgia Donda West, which was said to be a tribute to both stars' late parents.

Obviously, we are all very anxious to report the correct official name, and North West looks to be the most legitimate name because of a concrete birth certificate.

North West kind of makes sense. South West could have a pretty bad connotation, while East West sounds a bit too masculine, and West West is just plain cruel, and might be a bit confusing in the West-Kardashian household. Congratulations North West, you officially have what's expected to be the internet's most favorite pun.

What do you think about the name North West?

[Image credit: Aleksandr Bryliaev / Shutterstock]