‘Man Of Steel’, ‘Fast And Furious 6’, And Others Acquired By FX

FX Networks announced that is has acquired the commercial television rights to Man of Steel, Fast and Furious 6 and others.

The network is grabbing some of the biggest blockbusters this summer as reported by THR. Aside from the new Superman (Warner Bros.) reboot and the sixth installment in the Fast and Furious franchise (Universal), they acquired The Purge (Universal), Star Trek Into Darkness (Paramount), This is The End (Sony), and The Internship (Epic).

Henry Cavill leads the way in what promises to be hit after hit for the television network. The British actor has made a good impression with audiences all over the world.

These latest acquisitions give the network 71 percent of this year’s highest grossing films or 17 out of 24.

Man of Steel and the others join an already impressive list announced earlier by the network.

These include Iron Man 3, Pain and Gain, Oblivion, The Croods, A Good Day to Die Hard, Evil Dead, Identity Theft, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Mama and Zero Dark Thirty.

Man of Steel recently broke the June record in earnings and it has opened in China, which is a major market and very favorable to British actor Henry Cavill.

The Zack Snyder film also premieres in 22 international markets this weekend, which will most certainly keep it at the top of the box office.

China was the highest grossing territory for Iron Man 3 which has earned $120 million since opening there and Star Trek Into Darkness with $52 million so far.

Warner Bros. expects Man of Steel to follow in those blockbuster’s footsteps and bring in somewhere between those two figures.

Fast and Furious did very well on its opening weekend bringing in $120 million.

FX Newtorks will premiere the blockbusters in 2015.

Man of Steel received massive support from audiences who made it the biggest June opening of all time with $125.1 million.