‘Bad Teacher’ Franchise Begins With TV Show And Film Sequel


It may be a knee jerk reaction but Sony has now acquired the rights to develop Bad Teacher 2, with Cameron Diaz as a hopeful to star. This comes after the announcement that people were over the moon about Bad Teacher the television series.

Bad Teacher the television series is set to star For A Good Time Call…‘s very own Ari Graynor, which is headed to CBS. The network ordered the show as a mid season replacement.

With this development Sony has started the ball rolling on Bad Teacher 2, and it’s not all too surprising. Aside from the inclusion of the television series, Bad Teacher took in $200 million worldwide, which is a decent amount of money for a comedy that didn’t really have a great theatrical release date when it hit theaters in 2011.

Right now no contracts for Bad Teacher 2 have been drawn up but apparently everyone involved in the production wants Cameron Diaz back in the starring role. We don’t see why she wouldn’t return, and if she does it may be easy to rope in her partner in crime, Jason Segel. Segel starred alongside her in the first Bad Teacher film.

Aside from the Bad Teacher film, the two co-stars are also set to star alongside each other once again for an even raunchier comedy called Sex Tape, which is due out in 2014.

The synopsis for Sex Tape is as follows:

“When a married couple make a sex tape to spice up their relationship, it disappears, and they are frantic to get it back.”

Sex Tape is directed by Jake Kasdan, who is also the director for Bad Teacher, so perhaps this was in the mix all along? It’s safe to assume that he’s at least had preliminary discussions with both actors for Bad Teacher 2, even though there’s no reports stemming just yet.

The only thing we know for sure about Bad Teacher 2 is that director Jake Kasdan will return for the film, and Justin Malen has written a script that Sony is enthusiastic with because, “it hits all the notes that made the first film such a breakthrough hit and also takes the characters in a new direction that is fresh and fun.”

Does this mean we’ll get to see Cameron Diaz’s character with kids? Maybe! At the end of Bad Teacher she ends up with Jason Segel’s gym teacher, so you never know.

Are you ready for Bad Teacher 2?