Andrew WK Attempting To Break World Drumming Record

Andrew WK is currently attempting to set a new world record for playing the drums, by sitting behind the instrument for 24 hours straight.

The “Party Hard” singer started his marathon on Wednesday June 19 and is set to finish late on Thursday.

Billboard has reported that if he was to complete his effort it would be the longest drum session to ever be held inside a shop.

The event is part of Viacom’s O Music Awards and has been broadcast from the Oakley store in New York’s Times Square.

WK has been assisted by a plethora of other musicians which included, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Marky Ramone.

His long list of trusted assistants will also include Nick Jonas, Zac Hanson, Liberty DeVitto, who drummed with Billy Joel, and The Root’s Questlove.

Before he started, WK tweeted, “Just minutes til I start my 24 hour? #drumathon. I’m feeling party, but this is going to be very, very intense. SEND ME POWER!”

Last year O Music Awards got The Flaming Lips to set a new world record for playing in the most amount of cities in 24 hours. They played in eight venues across the Mississippi Delta, beating out the previous record which was set by Jay-Z.

The Flamin Lips started in Memphis, Tennessee, before making it to New Orleans, Louisiana, with only 20 minutes left.

WK has, at the moment of writing, been playing straight for just over 23 hours and 30 minutes, and despite looking incredibly tired and sweaty he has so far persevered.

He is wearing sunglasses and an NYPD hat, which has helped to hide the sun from his view, whilst an assistant has repeatedly handed him gum and given him a back massage through his ordeal.

Have you been watching WK’s world record attempt? Do you think he will make it to the end?

[Image via t whalen/Wikimedia]