ASL Interpreter Stole The Show At Bonnaroo

Although the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival last week had an amazing line-up, it was an ASL interpreter, Holly, who stole the show.

As you can see from the extensive list in The Inquisitr’sBonnaroo live streaming post, there were plenty of well-known stars to get the crowd going and make the whole event something really special; however, it was one woman who really captured the audience’s attention.

The interpreter was apparently so in touch with the artists she was signing for that she not only signed every word but she “put back into it.”

This seems a pretty accurate description of how involved Holly was when you watch how enthusiastic she was about each gesture.

It seems pretty fair to say that Holly killed it and outshone a lot of the performers. That being said, there were other individuals that made the show their own as well, most notably Bjork for her rare appearance in the US.

Nevertheless, it’s the ASL interpreter that has really won the hearts of those she signed for during the 2013 Bonnaroo concert.

The short clip of her signing for the Wu-Tang Clan has already amassed over a 1,000 views, which isn’t bad considering that Holly was only there to sign.

In addition to the steady increase in views, the clip also has some fantastic comments about the unsuspecting star that really help you to understand just how much impact this one woman had on the whole show:

“She killed it! That was more entertaining than what they were doing on stage…”

Another poster commented about how impressive her moves were by saying:

“She must know those tracks by heart the way shes jammin, lol.”

Holly’s clear passion and dedication, not only to the music but in being good at her job, makes us think that’s she’s a pretty cool lady without the new Internet coverage she’s receiving.

However, there is no denying that this ASL interpreter stole the Bonnaroo concert, and she has left many of us wanting to see her turn up at future music festivals.

[Image via Stereogum]