Sarah Gadon The New Mary Jane Watson For 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Niki Cruz

Well, that was pretty fast. News hit the web yesterday that Shailene Woodley was out of the new Spider-Man film after shooting three scenes as Mary Jane Watson. While director Marc Webb said the reason for Woodley's departure was due to a more streamlined plot, Bleeding Cool had went on the offense and suggested that there might be more than what meets the eye to the situation.

Despite early reports that Marvel wasn't going to introduce Mary Jane Watson until Spider-Man 3, it's looking more and more like Shailene Woodley was replaced by the studio. Now word is out that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has already found its new Mary Jane in Sarah Gadon.

While some say that the recasting is due to Woodley's commitment to the adaptation Divergent, others are hinting that it was fan reaction which sparked the decision. According to Movie Web, fans weren't too excited about Woodley's edgier version of Mary Jane. Add that with the fact that Woodley did appear to be a bit young for the role, and we now have a completely different Mary Jane for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Sarah Gadon, who's rumored to be MJ, has a very different look, one that's more mature in comparison to Shalene Woodley. She seems to represent old Hollywood, where as Woodley was seen shooting in a leather jacket, and looking a bit grungy. She looks like she has a bit of bad girl in her too, which may come in handy when she steals Peter Parker's interest away.

For those who aren't familiar with Gadon, the Canadian actress, who is also a dancer made her TV debut on the 1998 series La Femme Nikita. Her feature film debut was comedy Fast Food High in 2003, and last year she appeared in the thriller Antiviral. It's safe to say that she will be making her debut for most people in The Amazing Spider-Man series.

What do you think? Is Sarah Gadon the right choice for Mary Jane Watson?