Shirley Sherrod plans to sue blogger Breitbart

Shirley Sherrod, the USDA official fired for remarks she made that were deliberately misrepresented by Andrew Breitbart’s conservative blog, plans to sue for the incident.

Sherrod made her plans known this morning at a National Association of Black Journalists speech in San Diego. CBS News reports:

Speaking of a lawsuit, Sherrod said she “will definitely do it,” arguing that “he had to know that he was targeting me.”

“Now whether he was also trying to target the NAACP, he had to know he was targeting me,” she added.

Sherrod said she wished Breitbart had come to the event “because I really would like to talk to him.”

Sherrod also indicated that she is unsure whether she will opt to return to a position at the UDSA after her controversial dismissal. After the incident, President Obama said that Sherrod “deserved better” than the treatment she’d received. Breitbart later clarified on Good Morning America that Sherrod was not his intended target with the video, but that he had hoped to damage the NAACP by releasing the clip.