Karma Rewards Burglar Who Found Dead Man And Called Police


A self-confessed burglar won’t face breaking-and-entering charges after ultimately doing the right thing and calling the police when he found a dead man inside a home he intended to rob.

The unnamed burglar broke into a Hamilton home in Australia, only to find a dead man hanging early yesterday, reports stuff.co.nz.

The 21-year-old broke into the home, discovered the scene, and screamed loud enough to alert the neighbors. He ran home and called the police.

”He got a heck of fright, that’s for sure – it would have been terrible for anyone,” said Hamilton City tactical coordinator Senior Sergeant Freda Grace. Given the intense and shocking situation, Grace said that the authorities are unlikely to pursue charges against the young man, and plan to let him off with a stern warning.

”It is unlikely charges would be laid but he will definitely be warned,” she said.

Police are investigating the incident, though the man’s death is not considered suspicious. As of last night, police haven’t been able to locate any of the dead man’s relatives.

We have to give props to the young man, not just for calling the police when he discovered the scene, but also for admitting that he was there to rob the home in the first place. Others in the news lately haven’t been as morally upstanding.

We reported yesterday that two tourists dropped dead on separate Italian beaches. Though nearby beach goers did attempt to revive at least one of the dead tourists, most continued to sunbathe and play beach games in spite of the dead bodies, one of which was laid out with a white sheet over it until emergency services arrived hours later.

Do you think that the burglar who discovered the dead body should be let off the hook?

[Image via: udra 11 / Shutterstock]