Justin Bieber Unlocks The Reasons Behind New Fragrance, ‘The Key’



Justin Bieber unveiled his new fragrance today. It is called The Key.

Rather appropriately, the packaging for what is the 19-year-old’s third fragrance outing includes a gold colored key that dangles off the white columned bottle.

Speaking exclusively to Style Watch at People magazine, the teen superstar revealed the reasons behind the name of his new olfactory venture.

“[The Key] will unlock a personal side of me they’ve never seen before, bringing us closer than ever,” Bieber said, presumably without irony.

Although, to be fair, he does have an extraordinarily close relationship with his legion of fans, on Twitter and elsewhere.

“I always want my fragrances to send an uplifting and positive message,” the singer explains. “It’s an amazing way to connect with my fans.”

And the message?

Bieber revealed that the concept and imagery of a key was personally important to him:

“The Key means a lot to me as a powerful symbol to believe,” the pop star shared. “And this new fragrance is my message to my fans to always believe in their dreams.”





Notwithstanding that Bieber has a fragrance to promote, that’s very likely a genuine statement from the singer. Threaded throughout all of his albums are numerous songs about empowerment for youth, in particular, through self-belief.

Songs like 2009’s “Bigger” from the My World album, 2010’s “Up” from My World 2.0, and 2011’s “Never Say Never” — which provided the title theme for his friend Jaden Smith’s movie The Karate Kid, and Bieber’s concert-biopic of the same name — all contain lyrics about kicking self-doubt to the curb, and encouraging young people to realize the futures they imagine.

The Canadian’s latest albums, 2012’s Believe and this year’s Believe Acoustic echo that theme in the title track and, to some extent, “Yellow Raincoat.”






But, back to The Key.

Style gurus at People attest that the scent and the packaging are more adult compared to Bieber’s previous fragrances Someday and Girlfriend.

The bottle is minimalist white lacquer with gold lettering and, of course, the key detail. The base aroma is a fruity floral musk with an additional note of vanilla.

The Key goes nationwide in department stores in July.

Bieber is currently in Las Vegas for a dose of downtime, ahead of playing his first returning show at San Diego’s Valley View Casino Center on June 22 and the final leg of his Believe World Tour.









[Image via Teen Vogue]