92-Year-Old Veteran Still Facing Eviction: Daughter Refuses Offer

A 92-year-old Veteran is still facing eviction. His daughter has refused his offer to buy the home where he currently resides. John Potter built the Zaleski, Ohio home and has lived there for nearly 60 years. His daughter, Janice Cotrill, now owns the house and is in the process of evicting her father.

John Potter granted his daughter power of attorney years ago. However, he never imagined she would use it to force him from his own home. Cotrill reportedly used the power of attorney to transfer the home’s deed into her own name.

As reported by SaultStar.com, in February, Cotrill served her father with an eviction notice. Potter fought the eviction in court and lost. As a last ditch effort, Cotrill’s granddaughter, Jaclyn Fraley, went public with his story.

Fraley started a fund raiser at GoFundMe.com. The goal was to raise enough money so Potter could purchase the home from his daughter.

The public’s response was astounding. Potter raised nearly $140,000. Potter and his granddaughter were elated. Unfortunately, the 92-year-old veteran is still facing eviction. His daughter is refusing to sell the home.

As reported by WHAS11, John Potter offered his daughter the market value of the home and adjoining land. She immediately turned down the initial offer. His second offer was refused as well.

Potter is due to return to court on June 26 for eviction proceedings. He and his granddaughter were humbled with the outpouring of support and donations. Unfortunately, his daughter seems unwilling to sell the home.

John Potter is over 90-years-old. He simply wants to spend the rest of his life in the home he built. There is obvious animosity between the father and daughter. However, the exact details are not known.

The 92-year-old Veteran of WWII is still facing eviction and will appear in court next week. John Potter has transferred power of attorney to his granddaughter, who continues to support him throughout the family battle.

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