Gisele Bundchen Practices Yoga With Baby Vivian [Photo]

Gisele Bundchen has taken cute Instagram photos to the next level after posting a shot of her six-month-old baby practicing yoga. The popular supermodel posted the photo of her yoga session with baby Vivian on Wednesday and it’s now received over 35,000 likes from followers on the popular photo sharing app.

“Practicing yoga with my little partner before going to work. Enjoy your day,” she said in the post, which was also translated in Portuguese. Her beauty and style has never been questioned, but now she has Vivian joining in on the fun by teaching her yoga at such a young age.

Before you know it Vivian will be the next big supermodel, but until then she’ll be learning the mental and spiritual side of life just like her mother. It’s unknown if her father and NFL superstar Tom Brady has tried it out, but he surely could use it after taking hits everyday on the football field.

Gisele Bundchen has an extremely busy schedule, but spending time with her baby has always been a top priority. She also has a three-year-old son named Benjamin, but he was nowhere to be seen in the yoga photo.

The mother of two shares a yoga mat with her daughter in the photo and Vivian also has a few pillows behind her for support. Is there anything cuter than a mom teaching her baby how to practice yoga?

Here’s the Instagram photo that will make the last question much easier to answer.

She posted the photo to her Instagram account on Wednesday.

As you can see, baby Vivian is still working out the kinks. Maybe her father will join in sooner or later if he hasn’t already, though his schedule is about to become jam packed with practices, meetings, and games on Sundays.

Yoga is not only great for your “spiritual side,” but it also helps with your physical health and lowering stress. Has baby Vivian taken Instagram by storm with the help of her mother Gisele Bundchen?


[Image via Tiago Chediak] [In-text image via Instagram]