David Shipton Fined For Cruelty To Rabbit, Over-Grown Teeth Cause Bunny Discomfort

Emma Flint

Trader David Shipton from Burton-upon-Trent in UK has been fined for trying to sell a rabbit with incredibly long teeth at a Stratford-upon-Avon livestock market.

The incident was noticed by trading standards officers during a routine check around the livestock market last November and was then brought to the attention of Warwickshire County Council.

The condition of the teeth was so bad that it had stopped the rabbit from being able to eat; while that would normally be a good indication that we needed to take our animal to the vets, Shipton claims that he was unaware that he was causing the bunny harm.

In a comment made to the Warwickshire Trading Standards, the trader said that, although he realized he shouldn't have attempted to sell the rabbit, he hadn't been aware that his behavior was cruel.

However, in light of his poor choice to try and sell the animal, the 65-year-old has accepted several charges of animal cruelty which include permitting an unfit rabbit to be exposed for sale.

Furthermore, he has to pay a £130 fine, which is roughly $335. That's a pretty hefty fine to have to pay when you consider how cheap it would have been for David Shipton to book a vets appointment and get the whole snaggletooth problem under wraps.

Moreover, Shipton only needed to seek out and watch cute relaxed rabbit videos to see how much bunnies like to be pampered and well looked after. Just take a look at Cloody.

In a discussion about the over-grown teeth case, Janet Faulkner, head of Warwickshire Trading Standards Service, had this to say:

"Our animal health officers work with livestock owners and sellers to ensure that their animals' welfare is properly attended to."

Faulkner then went on to say that, while most cases can be dealt with if traders seek out the proper advice and guidance, many continue to fail in taking responsibility for the animals that they keep. This then leaves trading standards with no other option than to take legal action.

Even though this poor rabbit had to suffer at the hands of misinformed trader, David Shipton, at least its dental work was soon sorted out and it could go about its normal carrot eating business like the cute little bunny pictured pushing a trolley of carrots.

[Image via Mirror]