The United Football League debuts new team uniforms

Thank god the United Football League is moving on from the neon mess that was there four 2009 team uniform color schemes. With that said the upstart football league debuted new home and road uniforms for all five teams today, and there are a couple of hits, and a couple of misses. Overall though I think this is a big step for the league. No matter what my personal preferences are each team now has a distinct look and that will help fans identify with their team.

I want to be positive here, so let us start with the uniforms I like best. Some of these cannot be seen in the photo above, but I have downloaded PDF files of each team’s color scheme. Overall I like the Hartford Colonials home and road uniforms the best. The pants are gold with blue and white striping and the home Jerseys are a very nice Blue color. A close second are the new uniforms for the Las Vegas Locos. They are Red, white, black and grey in design and just look very sharp.

Now the misses, of all the uniforms debuted today I dislike the road uniform for the Omaha Nighthawks the most. In the picture it is jersey number #55 in the second row. For me this jersey is too plain, all while with some black highlights and black piping. I don’t like the way it looks, and I don’t think it will be any better on TV.

I also don’t really like the decision to put the Florida Tuskers in mostly black and white. This league already had a team using these colors, and of all the bright neon uniforms of 2009 I liked the Tuskers one the best. I would have liked to see them stick with the bright blue as the primary color. I also do not like the new scrip Tuskers logo, but that is an argument for another day.

So here are my rankings of home and road 2010 UFL uniforms:

1.Hartford Colonials
2.Las Vegas Locos
3.Omaha Nighthawks
4.Sacramento Mountain Lions
5.Florida Tuskers

1.Hartford Colonials
2.Las Vegas Locos
3.Sacramento Mountain Lions
4.Florida Tuskers
5.Omaha Nighthawks