Fox Viewers Happy Sarah Palin Is Back, Most Still Don’t Like Her [Video]


Sarah Palin’s stock is still pretty low nationwide, but most Fox News viewers are happy she’s back as a contributor on the network.

According to a HuffPo/YouGov survey, 52 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of the onetime GOP veep nominee, with a scant 37 percent who approve of

her. The poll is split with pretty strong partisanship, with 73 percent of Republicans liking her and 73 percent of Democrats disliking her.

Independents are about half and half.

The poll showed roughly the same numbers among respondents concerning Palin’s return to Fox News. About 34 percent like that she’s back, while another 34 aren’t terribly pleased. The rest aren’t sure.

Among Fox watchers, 70 percent are glad Palin is back on the program as a contributor. Only 12 percent aren’t happy about that. Among wishy-washy Fox watchers, 41 percent classified Palin’s return as a good thing. Twenty-four percent said it was bad.

In the end, folks who frequently watch the network were more likely to have a favorable opinion of Palin, with those who sometimes watch having more of a split perception of the controversial conservative.

People who barely ever watch Fox News had the most negative perception of Sarah Palin.

What do you think? Are you glad that Sarah Palin is back on Fox News? What do you think of the conservative firebrand overall? You can watch a Huffinton Post video discussing Sarah Palin’s return to Fox News below:

[Image via: Therealbs2002]