Darryl Strawberry Sued Over $3K Produce Bill

Emma Flint

The former MLB outfielder, Darryl Strawberry (what a fitting name for the allegations against him), is being sued over an incredibly high fruit and vegetable bill of over $3,000.

The New V&J Produce Corp has filed a lawsuit after claims that they've shipped multiple produce shipments to Strawberry's NYC restaurant, Strawberry's Sports Grill, and have yet to be paid.

Furthermore, alongside the initial payment of $2,694 for the produce alone, the V&J Produce company want the $500 in attorney's fees also paid; for anyone who can't be bothered to do the maths, that's $3,194.

According to the news reports so far, Darryl Strawberry hasn't made any comments about the fruit and veg fiasco. Maybe he doesn't want to have to endure more remarks about not being able to live up to his name? After all, even I've succumbed to the irony of the whole event.

Or maybe it could have something to do with the fact that this isn't the first time that the media has cast its gaze upon the former baseball star?

As early on as 1990s Strawberry has been in and out of legal proceedings and constantly dodging the tax man, from failing to make child support payments, to the false police report he filed over claims his SUV was stolen, the star is known for his turbulent time with the media and the law.

Up until now, any legal news about Strawberry has been about IRS continuing their campaign against him to collect his tax debts. No doubt the knowledge of this latest episode won't surprise the IRS that the former MLB outfielder is once again dodging payments.

However, in spite of all the media coverage that dogs Strawberry's difficulties with the law, it's important to remember that other people and businesses allegedly tax dodge every year; this year it has been Facebook that has been accused of tax evasion. While last year it was Prince Charles that suffered a high level of scrutiny after rumors came out about his £700 million estate partaking in tax avoidance.

Hopefully Darryl Strawberry will realize the hot water he's in and quickly address the lawsuit against him.

[Image via TMZ Sports]