Dwayne Johnson, Liam Hemsworth’s ‘Empire State’ Gets A Trailer [Video]

Dwayne Johnson and Liam Hemsworth’s Empire State now has a trailer available for those who have been curious about the upcoming project.

Although both actors are currently considered viable box-office draws, not too much has been said about writer Adam Mazer and director Dito Montiel’s upcoming drama. The lack of buzz may explain why the flick is bypassing theaters and heading straight to video.

Liam Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson have enjoyed quite a bit of big-screen success in recent months. While Hemsworth has been extremely busy with The Hunger Games franchise, Johnson has helped out with a number of recent Hollywood franchises.

The former wrestler appeared in both Fast and Furious 6 and G.I. Joe: Retaliation earlier this year. Dwayne Johnson also starred in Ric Roman Waugh’s underrated thriller Snith alongside Susan Sarandon and Benjamin Bratt.

Empire State finds Johnson portraying a cop who is investigating the robbery of an armored car. Although he suspects one of the guards (Liam Hemsworth) had something to do with the heist, the guy insists he wasn’t involved. The situation is soon complicated when the guard’s friend (Gentlemen Broncos star Michael Angarano) suggests they rob the armored car company themselves.

Judging from the trailer Empire State looks a little stronger than most direct-to-video fare. In addition to the names mentioned above, the flick features Emma Roberts, Nikki Reed, Chris Diamantopoulos, and Entourage alum Jerry Ferrara.

Liam Hemsworth Empire State

However, looks can often be deceiving. Apparently Lionsgate doesn’t think too highly of the film, as they’ve decided to forgo the theatrical bookings with a simple direct-to-video release. Curious parties can give the film a shot when it arrives on September 3. If you’re lucky, it might hit Netflix streaming shortly after its release.

Are you a fan of Dwayne Johnson and Liam Hemsworth? What do you think about their movie Empire State going straight to home video?