Genius Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez Will Be Attending Harvard University

At the age of 11, most of us haven’t even thought of university; however, that isn’t the case for child genius Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez. This clever youngster has been accepted into Harvard University and will be attending this fall — not a bad set-up for someone so young.

This young boy from Michoacán, Mexico will soon be on his travels to Cambridge, Massachusetts where he intends to study Quantum physics.

That’s pretty impressive considering that many of us would look at a text book about the subject and go “huh?” In addition to his study plans, the 11-year-old has also stated that he would like to improve technology and social networking after he graduates.

Knowing that such a young boy is aware of his goals and intends to reach them is quite overwhelming for the rest of us. After all, most of us probably didn’t even know what we wanted to do while we were still at university, nevermind knowing at 11 years old.

But the amazing story of Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez doesn’t stop there; not only did he surpass many others in science and technology, he also taught himself multiple languages, such Mandarin Chinese, at the age of 5.

When you know extra information like that, it’s not surprising that the youngster scores between 152 and 160 on IQ tests. Just to clarify, that’s a similar level of intelligence to what Albert Einstein had, and, with the 2-year-old that became a MENSA member last year, it would seem that child geniuses aren’t in short supply these days.

With all that already under his belt, it won’t shock readers to know that Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez finished high school in just three months and is now studying at the Open System College of Bachelors. Talk about racing ahead: This kid is on fire with his intelligence.

With such high scores and grades so early on, lets hope that this soon-to-be college student doesn’t resort to cheating like the 60 Harvard students from earlier this year did.

From all this and more, it would seem that Luis Roberto Ramirez Alvarez is a child genius with a lot of questions and ideas buzzing around inside his head desperate to be answered and created.

[Image via now.msn]