Adrienne Bailon’s Fingertip Fetish Is All The Rage For Vegans

Adrienne Bailon has created a new nail polish line called Fingertip Fetish, and she promises its lack of DBP and formaldehyde will attract a new demographic.

According to the fingernail polish line, which comes in various colors:

“As animal lovers, we are proud to announce that all of our products are 100 percent vegan, and you can be confident that we use no animal testing in development or production.”

The new nail polish line launched one month ago, and Adrienne Bailon couldn’t be happier. She tells E! Online: “It’s a vegan polish, which I’m really into right now.”

Fingertip Fetish nail polishes are available at, and they run $8.99 each.

Adrienne Bailon held a successful release party for Fingertip Fetish in May, and, from there, the product began to trend. In fact, the nail polish has been so successful that her name began to trend online today following a decent amount of chatter about the vegan friendly fingernail product.

Celebrities love to endorse products ranging from cars and colognes to handbags and perfumes. I mean, come on: Even Justin Bieber has his own lines of women’s nail polish and perfumes. It’s actually a nice change of pace to see a celebrity endorsed product that attempts to change the status quo in terms of production value that actually serves a point.

Here’s a video from the Adrienne Bailon release party for Fingertip Fetish:

What do you think of Fingertip Fetish? Does Adrienne Bailon have a hit on her hands or just another novelty product that ultimately serves only a small demographic of buyers?