Missing former NBA star Lorenzen Wright found dead in woods

Former NBA star Lorenzen Wright, who had been reported missing by his mother on July 22nd, has been founded dead in a wooded area, Memphis Tennessee’s Commercial Appeal reports.

Wright, 35, was last seen leaving his ex-wife’s house at 2am on July 19th after visiting his kids. His wife said she is unsure who the 6’11” former athlete left with or where he was headed. Law enforcement sources who confirmed the discovery of Wright’s body to press say a 911 call was made from Wright’s cell phone shortly before he vanished, and that background noises indicated the former Clippers player was in danger:

According to sources, a 9-1-1 call was made from Wright’s cell phone on July 19. A Germantown fire dispatcher could hear the loud blasts of several gunshots. The cellphone call ended at that point.

It is unclear whether the call was followed up on by dispatchers, but given the length of time that passed between the last sighting of Wright and the discovery of his body, it’s probably safe to say it wasn’t. Before his death, Wright split his time between Memphis and Atlanta.

Update: Wright’s Twitter feed can be found here.