Kim Kardashian: Desperate!

Kim Kardashian will be joining Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt for a How I Met Your Mother episode straight off the d-list express. The three are meeting on the HIMYM set as we speak, probably giggling about how rich they are. I wonder if Spencer is as charming as ever when he meets Kim?

Prepare yourself for a snore-fest of a show, as reported by E!‘s Exclusive team:

“I’m told Marshall carries a copy of Them Weekly with him when he’s heading to the bathroom. Kim, Heidi, Spencer and lord knows which other tabloid faves will speak to Marshall from the cover of Them in a dream sequence. They presumably pop up to mock and laugh and make Marshall feel generally silly.”

I’ve always hated dream sequences in shows, but I think I’ll hate them more now. Kim will probably end up talking about her famous butt and Heidi will be as fake as ever. I’ll guess I’ll have to watch it to find out. . . drat!