New ‘Jersey Shore’ castmate already has swirling racial controversy

It looks like MTV is keeping the trash quotient at expected levels in their selection the newest orange castmate for their runaway hit Jersey Shore.

23-year-old Deena Nicole Cortese is not confirmed to be a permanent fixture on the show, but it is believed that she’ll appear in some of the upcoming season’s episodes. Deena Nicole’s MySpace page hasn’t been vetted by MTV execs, apparently, as the aspiring fameball said some pretty offensive things via the social networking site:

“I don’t give a f**k,” is interspersed with sexy pics and quotes like “I’m addictive and expensive like cocaine. I should just have my own TV show!”

The foul-mouthed female also recorded a video blog on her MySpace page in 2008, in which she rants about the way she’s been treated by dudes.

Swearing revenge, she says, “we’re gonna play you out, n**ga.”

MTV did not comment on the circulating clip, and it’s not clear that the woman in the pic is definitely Cortese. The new season of Jersey Shore premieres Thursday.