John McAfee On Viral Video: ‘I Did The Best I Could At A Paranoid Rant’

John McAfee has finally spoken out about his interesting YouTube video that has become a viral sensation this week. The founder of McAfee anti-virus software company hasn’t worked for the business in over 15 years, but that didn’t stop him from putting together an out-of-this-world skit that features drugs, guns, and young women who want nothing more than to take his clothes off.

The British-American computer guru practically invented the anti-virus software industry, but after a fall out with the company, which is now owned by Intel Corp., he’s been on the loose while becoming a media hit with his odd behavior.

Last year, McAfee was back in the news when he fled his home in Belize after claiming that local police were trying to frame him for murder. The 67-year-old is now creating YouTube videos that strike back at those who’ve gotten in his way over the years, most notably his company that left him out to dry.

“I did the best I could at a paranoid rant,” John McAfee said through a phone interview on Wednesday, via Reuters. He also revealed the reasoning behind his odd video, though it seems he’s only getting started.

“I was tired of seeing references to ‘Please hang this man because he has created the worst software in the world,'” he added during the interview.

According to Reuters, his next target seems to be the Dr. Phil Show and it’s host Phil McGraw.

“Dr. Phil has been pounding on my door, pleading me to be on his show. But I am not an idiot,” he said about the popular television personality.

McAfee software company spokesman Ian Bain commented on the founder’s viral video and it may have got the best of him as he doesn’t seem too happy with the overwhelming attention it’s getting.

“While we take any attack on our products seriously, these ludicrous statements have no basis in reality,” Bain said. “We continue to focus on what matters: our customers.”

Is John McAfee looking for another return to the spotlight with his interesting YouTube videos?