Manny Ramirez Leaves Taiwan In Hopes Of MLB Return

Manny Ramirez has decided to leave his team in Taiwan after a quick three-month stint where he smashed eight home runs in 49 appearances. The 41-year-old still believes his talents are good enough for a job in the Major Leagues, which prompted his decision to leave early.

“The reason he decided not to return for the second half was to free himself to be available to play in the United States,” Ramirez’s agent Barry Praver told on Wednesday. “This whole thing with Manny in Taiwan was a phenomenon. He invigorated the league. Attendance went through the roof. It was a very positive experience for both sides.”

The chances of the two-time World Series champion getting another shot in the Majors hasn’t proved to have much value just yet as there are no reports of any interested teams. Since his decision to leave Taiwan was released, it’s been rumored that Manny Ramirez is gaining interest from teams in Japan’s top league, but that hasn’t slowed down his ambitions to return to the MLB.

“Manny was so invigorated by his play there that he wants to return to the majors,” Praver added.

There’s no doubting his performance in Taiwan as he finished with a .352 batting average in 206 plate appearances before announcing his decision to leave. Ramirez will reportedly leave the EDA Rhinos this Friday, though his contract doesn’t end until June 30.

According to Fox Sports, Ramirez’s representatives in Barry Praver and Scott Shapiro “are in the process of pursuing opportunities” in the United States. Praver went on to say that “Manny would be interested in returning to the majors in any role, including that of a pinch hitter.”

There’s no telling if and when the 12-time MLB All-Star will get a call from a Major League ball club, but it’s obvious that Manny Ramirez isn’t giving up his dreams of returning to the big leagues any time soon.