Canadian Crooks Illegally Dumping Squirrels Across The Border

In what has been a secretive undertaking, Canadian residents in Ottawa have been illegally dumping squirrels across the border into Quebec. This slightly bizarre form of deportation has apparently been going on for years.

A resident from one of Ottawa’s posh neighborhoods called Westboro recently noticed a squirrel in his neighbour’s humane trap and offered to let the critter go, thinking the trap was intended for another more troublesome animal.

The neighbour had no intention of letting the squirrel, replying:

“No, I’m trying to catch them all and bring them to Quebec because they can’t cross the bridge.”

This particular bridge isn’t a literal one, but the kilometre-long span that connects the community to Gatineau, Quebec, across the Ottawa River.

Following a few break-ins by the furry intruders, residents in the area decided to turn to the practice of illegally dumping squirrels across the border, instead of perhaps taking a more rational approach such as plugging any holes in their home.

The reason for such a drastic measure is based on the fact squirrels have a reputation in folklore of returning when removed, unless they are taken across a body of water.

Despite the fact it seems fairly harmless to move squirrels from one place to another, there is actually a law that forbids transporting animals more than one kilometer in Ontario. The reason being it prevents the likelihood of spreading animal diseases amongst humans.

Once moved, it isn’t uncommon for the squirrels to have to fight for a piece of territory in their new homes. This is because of the already established populations where they are being moved to.

Environmental consultant Dan Brunton suggest the solution is much easier:

“The solution is to get used to it,” concluding, “Squirrels will be with us as long as we have trees and bird feeders.”

Do you think Canadian residents illegally dumping squirrels across the border is a slight overreaction?

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