GameStop, GameFly Praise Microsoft For Xbox One Policy Changes

Considering that GameStop and GameFly both were significantly impacted by Microsoft’s original policies regarding used games on the Xbox One, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that both companies have come out to praise Microsoft for reversing those policies.

In response to an inquiry from Polygon, a representative from leading video game retailer GameStop commented on the news, saying that the move is “great news for gamers,” and applauding the company for “understanding consumers and the importance of the pre-owned market.”

GameStop’s shareholders will undoubtedly be pleased by the news as well; as of writing, GameStop’s stock has risen just under six percent in after-hours trading.

GameStop isn’t the only company pleased by the news, of course. In a statement to Joystiq, Sean Spector, co-founder of game rental service GameFly and SVP of business development and content, also had a few nice words for Microsoft.

“I always felt good about the future of GameFly, but I feel better today,” Spector told the site. “Today is a win/win for consumers, as well as GameFly. I think choice is always important and now consumers have more choice. And I give [Microsoft] credit for listening to their consumers.”

Spector wasn’t willing to go into any details, but the company had been in talks with Microsoft for some sort of deal.

“I think the original proposal would have been detrimental to lots of people’s [business] systems,” Spector said. “Not just GameFly. And, most importantly, gamers. Based on what I’ve read today, which is all I know today, it’s business as usual for Xbox. Their statement is really cut and dry.”

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