June 29, 2017
Dunkin’ Donuts To Sell Gluten-Free Doughnuts


Dunkin’ Donuts is getting ready to start selling their new gluten free doughnuts and other pastries sometime this year.

Stan Frankenthaler, the company’s executive chef, said in an email that they will begin selling gluten-free cinnamon-sugar doughnuts and blueberry muffins across its U.S. stores this year.

Bloomberg.com reported:

“We recognize the importance of providing our guests with many options, including alternative choices for people with food and dietary restrictions,” he (Frankenthaler) said.

“The pastries, to be sold at participating shops, are packaged separately to avoid contamination from other foods that contain wheat flour.”

Going “gluten free” seems to be one of the newest trends as sensitivity to gluten, also known as celiac disease is still being researched.

According to Bloomberg.com Nancy Childs, a food marketing professor at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, said in a telephone interview:

“The number of people who think they benefit from going gluten-free is growing. Gluten-free foods aren’t only consumed by people with celiac disease.

“People feel that they are choosing a healthier alternative when they buy gluten-free fare,” she said.

So what is celiac disease? It’s sensitivity to gluten, which is the protein in wheat, rye, and barley.

“The autoimmune disorder affects about one out of every 133 Americans,” according to the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center’s website.

Dunkin’ Donuts is known for their pastries, and, after seeing positive results after testing their gluten-free breakfast pastries in locations in Massachusetts earlier this year, they are now expanding to sell them elsewhere.

The new gluten free pastries, including their doughnuts, are expected to draw in a whole new crowd with their new healthier choices.

Even though gluten free doesn’t always mean less calories, people still see these options as healthier for a variety of reason.

With the new gluten free doughnuts hitting stores this year, will you be grabbing one to give it a try?

[Image via Huffington Post]