Third-Party Macbook Batteries Recalled By Geek Squad, Could Overheat And Catch Fire

Best Buy’s Geek Squad is recalling nearly 5,100 third-party battery replacements that were placed inside black and white MacBook’s from 2008 through mid-2012.

The MacBook battery is known to overheat and catch fire under certain conditions.

The recall was issued after the US Product Safety Commission collected 13 reports of incidents involving the replacement batteries.

The product is manufactured by ATG and sold through the Geek Squad service division.

In one report, a buyer suffered a serious burn on their leg.

While other retailers use the ATG created replacement battery for black and white MacBook models, only Best Buy has issued a recall at this point in time.

The Chinese manufactured batteries are intended to replace defective and exhausted original MacBook batteries. The replacement units retail for around $50, less than half of the cost charged for Apple’s OEM battery replacement.

The recalled battery was imported by BTI Corporation of Las Vegas, a supplier that sells replacement batteries for dozens of computer models. So far, only the company’s MacBook batteries have been recalled.

Anyone who has purchased one of the batteries can have it replaced by the company. Customers can also choose to receive a Best Buy gift card instead of a replacement battery.

Buyers can call Best Buy  at (888) 737-6954 between 7AM and 9PM Central Time or email

You can find more information by clicking on the “Product Recalls” section of the company’s web page (bottom of page).

Recalls have been issued for the Best Buy model numbers that include “MC-MBOOK13B” (black MacBook’s) and “MC-BOOK13W” for the white MacBooks.

The batteries are easily removable, which will make exchanging them for a new product simple.

Have you experienced any problems with Best Buy’s Geek Squad supplied computer batteries?