Public Enemy Release Single Via BitTorrent

Public Enemy have released their new single, “Get Up Stand Up,” via BitTorent.

The Hip-Hop icons have decided to give it to their fans for free via the popular torrent site. Those who download it through these means will also, in exchange for their email addresses, received the video for the song as well as outtakes and over three dozen instrumental and acapella vocals.

This will allow fans to mix the songs themselves. Public Enemy will then select their favourite fan mixes and release them too.

BitTorrent stated of Public Enemy’s decision, “Opt to unlock the Bundle with your email, and you’ll get the music video, plus outtakes, from Public Enemy.”

They then added, “You’ll also get the exclusive multitrack: 37 acapellas and stems. Make your own Public Enemy mix, and if the group likes what they hear, they’ll release it digitally for you. Call it creative activism.”

Gary G-Wiz Rinaldo, Chuck D’s manager remarked of their plans, “For many established people in the music business, there’s a fear that comes along with it. We don’t have that fear. The ability to freely share an archive and have flexibility on how it can be used is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to making music and media available.”

Previously, Chuck D told U.S. Congress that to him, “P2P to me means power to the people,” whilst he confirmed the he trusted “the consumer” much more than those “at the helm of these [record] companies.”

This is BitTorrent’s second Bundle release since they offered a preview look at Colin Firth and Emily Blunt’s movie, Arthur Newman.

This process was described as a success by the movie’s studios, with Cinedigm’s marketing head, Jill Calbaterra stating at the time, “Rather than fearing technology — a recurring mistake for our industry over the years — Cinedigm’s vision is to embrace the new opportunities offered by partnerships between Silicon Valley and Hollywood.”

[Image via Javierme/Wikimedia]