Facebook Photo Comments Introduced To Spice Up Your Replies

Llowell Williams

Facebook photo comments are the latest in the social media giant's drive to offer ever more options for their users to express themselves. Why write a thousand word comment when a picture is worth just as many?

The feature is being rolled out globally on both Facebook's standard and mobile sites. However, users on Facebook's mobile apps can't leave photo comments just yet, but they can view them. An update in the near future is expected.

Previously a text-only comment system, Facebook's photo comment feature will give social media addicts new possibilities.

Alone or with text, photo comments will finally allow users to express the inexpressible and share what words can't do justice to.

There are many practical benefits to the new feature too, beyond being able to post a picture of grumpy cat every time your friend updates his status about his favorite team losing.

From helping someone find the restaurant you planned to meet at to taking screenshots to aid a friend with PC problems, it will be interesting to see users put the new feature to use.

Using the new feature is (literally) a snap, too!

To make use the new photo comment feature on Facebook, simply click in the comment area field as you normally would. Now, instead of only being able to write text, users can click a little camera icon to the right and either upload a picture or take a new one and leave it as a comment.

Are you excited about the new feature? What creative and clever uses will users like you find for the new Facebook photo comments option? Check out an example of the function in action below then tell us what you think in the comments!

Facebook Photo Comments Feature Rolled Out

[Image via PromesaArtStudio / Shutterstock.com]