Man In Wheelchair Attacks Boy With Hammer [Video]

A man in a wheelchair attacked a boy with a hammer in a grocery store.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico on Monday, a man in a wheelchair attacked a boy with a hammer. Police and firefighters responded to the call when witnesses recounted Clayton Senn leaving a three year old boy bleeding from the head after being struck with a hammer.

The incident happened at Smith’s near Golf Course Road and McMahon Boulevard around noon.

The child was rushed to the University of New Mexico Hospital, where he was treated for a skull fracture, say police. He appears to be conscious and breathing, surprisingly, and is expected to make a full recovery.

Clayton Senn, the man in the wheelchair, was pointed out by witnesses who claim he was trying to hit other children in the store, and was unsuccessful. According to police, the boy’s mother screamed when the attack happened, after which his stepfather saw what happened and tried to attack the assailant. Witnesses restrained the boy’s stepfather until officers arrived.

Detectives claim they are still attempting to get answers from Clayton Senn after interviewing him. Detective Brian Crafton commented on the interview, “He wouldn’t even make eye contact with me, refused to say anything.”

This isn’t the first time Clayton Senn has been in the news, either, as the man in the wheelchair was rescued last year after nearly dying of exposure in the Bosque, or nearby woodlands. He was stuck in the mud by the Rio Grande, where high school students found him, resulting in the loss of his legs from severe frostbite.

The man in the wheelchair had also been involved in previous cases of assault, including stabbing a man in the groin in 2008, and punching a nurse in 2012. He had been convicted for the first attack, and has yet to be tried in court for the second, but had been arrested.

Clayton Senn was charged with aggravated assault and battery for the wheelchair-bound hammer attack, and further details are yet unknown.

What do you think is wrong with the man in the wheelchair?  Could Clayton Senn be suffering with mental illness?

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