Food Stamps Soda Ban Proposed By 18 US Cities

A food stamps soda ban is in the works for 18 major United States cities.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, food stamps cuts could harm children in the poorest families.

Current statistics show that 47 Americans use food stamps under SNAP. Food stamps soda purchases are especially high, estimated to amount to over $2 billion per year.

Food stamps research also shows that imposed time limits and job training lead more individuals to get jobs, but apparently the higher stress can kill people. Researchers also discovered that people forced to get jobs and get off food stamps still tended to fall short of making enough enough to equal the value of welfare and food stamps benefits.

Is it any wonder people don’t want to get off food stamps? Now the food stamps soda ban will take away their daily caffeine intake, with the mayors of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and 15 other cities saying it’s “time to test and evaluate approaches limiting” foods stamps usage of sugary drinks.

The mayors cite multiple reasons for the proposed food stamps soda ban, claiming $147 billion in medical expenses could be saved per year if obese Americans forcibly had their sodas canned. They desire to limit “SNAP’s subsidization of products, such as sugar-sweetened beverages, that are contributing to obesity.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg supports the food stamps soda ban, saying the government needs to limit “the use of these resources for items with no nutritional value, like sugary drinks, that are actually harming the health of participants. Why should we continue supporting unhealthy purchases in the false name of nutrition assistance?”

This isn’t the first time Bloomberg has attempted to ban sodas. He tried to prevent eateries from carrying drinks larger than 16 ounces and in 2010 he attempted to have New York alone implement a food stamps soda ban, which was denied by the USDA.

Do you think a food stamps soda ban is fair?