T.O. to play in Cincinnati

Terrell Owens has signed a contract to play with the Cincinnati Bengals this year. Since receiver was not a need for this team I don’t really understand this move. I also have a big problem with having too attention seeking, me first receivers on the same team. Sure Carson Palmer is a great NFL QB, but can he throw enough balls to keep both TO and Chad what ever is last name is this year happy? I kind of doubt it. I also would not want to have Owens in my locker room. Sure he kept his head down last year, but in the Bengals locker room he may revert back to the TO he has been in the past.

It seems kind of weird that T.O. got a pretty decent contract out of the notoriously cheap Bengals. His has a base contract for 2 million dollars, and he can earn another two million in incentives. The incentives are reported to be for yards, TD’s and receptions. What TO as left to over may be up to debate. He had a pretty rough 2009 with the hapless Buffalo Bills, but in the Bengals scheme he might get more chances.

I think the Bengals made this move because they don’t think Antonio Bryant is going to be all that he can be. In fact they are looking to place Bryant on the PUP list (physically unable to perform) to start training camp. Given the fact that they owe him 28 million bucks over the next four seasons I wonder if he will last long on the Bengals roster.

What is for sure is the Palmer will have two big time receivers and a rookie TE to throw at for the coming season. I would assume that means we will see a high energy passing attack for the Bengals in 2010.

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