'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' To Completely Recast Mary Jane Watson [Report]

Niki Cruz


It came as a complete shock that up and coming star Shailene Woodley was completely cut out of the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Mary Jane. What's more shocking? Not only is she being cut from the film, but it's suggested that the role of Mary Jane Watson is being completely recast.

This comes as a complete shock because Woodley is a promising talent. The actress has already made an impressive mark on the film community opposite George Clooney in The Descendants, and is set to make her own franchise debut in Divergent.

Upon the news that she was being dropped from the film, director Marc Webb claimed that the choice was made due to "streamlining the story." The question is, how large was the plot to begin with that they had to cut one of the most prominent characters out? It sounds fishy, right?

Marc Webb released a statement in regards to Woodley getting cut from the film, stating:

"I made a creative decision to streamline the story and focus on Peter and Gwen and their relationship. Shailene is an incredibly talented actress and while we only shot a few scenes with Mary Jane, we all love working with her."

However, a new suggestive report from Bleeding Cool hints to watch Webb's tenses and all will be revealed about the studio's plans. It seems like Webb was just saving face, or being fed words by an unhappy studio, because it's suggested that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has every intention in showing fans Mary Jane Watson.

It's odd that an actress would be completely recast right in the middle of filming. Even when people were up and arms over Rachelle Lefevre being dropped from the Twilight series, she at least got to finish the role before being replaced in the sequel by Bryce Dallas Howard.

On the heels of the announcement, Shailene Woodley put out a statement to Entertainment Weekly:

"Of course I'm bummed. But I'm a firm believer in everything happening for a specific reason."

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set for a theatrical release of May 2, 2014.

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