Dreyfoos Bodies Update, Statement Released

This morning at a Florida school, Dreyfoos, bodies found early in the day stunned employees arriving early to work, but as the day wears on, little is known about who died or how the deaths occurred.

The Dreyfoos bodies were discovered in a “maintenance area” of the school, and what we know so far about the situation is scant.

In West Palm Beach, police have confirmed that both of the dead were adults, not students, and that initial reports of a possible “active shooter” did not result in any confirmed shootings.

Even more perplexingly, authorities say that while the Dreyfoos bodies were discovered simultaneously and in the same area, no obvious cause of death was observed by investigating officers.

At least one of the Dreyfoos bodies was identified only as a school custodian, but no further information was given.

West Palm Beach Police spokesman Capt. David Bernhardt confirmed that an investigation into the two deaths was ongoing, but stopped short of confirming that a crime had occurred — suggesting that the scene may not have even resembled a possible homicide:

“It’s an open death investigation … That way we’re not limiting to ourselves what type of investigation we are doing. It could turn out to be a homicide investigation later on, it could just be a normal death investigation.”

A statement released this afternoon by Alphonso Mayfield, president of SEIU-Florida Public Services Union president, was similarly vague about the circumstances surrounding the two deaths at Dreyfoos School Of The Arts, saying:

“Our hearts are broken by the tragic loss of lives at the Dreyfoos School. It is a sad day for our schools, community and our workers … While the investigations are underway and we are anxiously waiting to know the details, our heartfelt condolences go out to the co-workers and families.”


Hours after the Dreyfoos bodies were located, police have still not released any identifying information regarding the deceased.