Daniel Marsh: From Child Hero To Teen Killer

Daniel Marsh has gone from a child hero to a teen killer, accused of the “heinous and depraved murder” of an elderly couple. At the age of 12, Daniel was honored for saving his father’s life. Four years later the California teen is being called a brutal killer.

In 2009, Daniel and his father were riding in the car when Daniel’s father suffered a heart attack behind the wheel. As soon as Daniel realized something was wrong, he steered the vehicle to the side of the road. He recalled pounding on his father’s chest until he regained consciousness.

As reported by KSDK News, Daniel was considered a hero. The American Red Cross honored Daniel with an award for saving his father’s life. Four years later, Daniel Marsh has been charged with murder.

Marsh, now 16, is currently incarcerated in Yolo County. He is accused of brutally killing Chip Northrup, age 87, and his wife Claudia Maupin, age 76 in April. The couple lived in a condo two doors down from Daniel’s father in Davis, California.

As reported by CBS Sacramento, the complaint states that Marsh committed first degree murder. The first degree designation was used as Marsh allegedly “inflicted torture” upon his victims, and the “murders were committed in a way that manifested exceptional depravity.”

The victims’ daughter has stated that Daniel was not known to the family. Police have not discussed a possible motive for the heinous crime.

Chip And Claudia

As reported by the Daily Democrat, Claudia and Chip are survived by six children, 12 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. They were anticipating the birth of their third great-grandchild at the time of their deaths.

Chip was a retired attorney and a musician. He was the lead singer of an acoustic country, rock, and bluegrass band.

Claudia will be remembered as ever optimistic, loving, and proud of her family. She loved to live, laugh, and love.

Daniel Marsh was identified as the suspect on Tuesday after police discovered evidence that they found “very compelling.” Daniel will be charged as an adult.

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