Tesla Recall: Elon Musk Apologizes For Model S Problems

Tesla Motors issued its first recall this morning.

The company announced that it was recalling more than 1200 Model S cars because of a problem with the seat latch. It is the first time in Tesla Motor’s history that it has had to issue a recall.

Elon Musk issued a statement on the company’s website explaining the problem.

Musk said: “The mounting bracket for the left hand latch of the second row seat could be weaker than intended. This reduces our confidence that the left hand seat back will be properly retained in the event of a crash.”

Musk said that the company has not received any complaints about the seat latch. The problem, according to Tesla, was discovered during testing and has not effected any Model S owner.

Tesla said that it would contact Tesla owners and arrange a time to reinforce the bracket. The company said that it would pick up the owner’s car and provide a rental in order to limit the inconvenience of the recall.

Musk writes: “Affected Model S owners will be contacted in the next few days and we will arrange for their car to be picked up, the bracket reinforced and the car returned to their possession. To be clear, the Model S does not need to be brought to our service center by the owner. Tesla will pick up the car at a location of the owner’s convenience, provide a Model S loaner if needed, perform the work and bring the car back to the owner a few hours later.”

Tesla said that the recall effected Model S cars delivered between mid-May and early June. A little over 1200 Model S cars were included in the recall.

[Image Via Tesla Motors]