Saggy Pants Ban Supported By ‘Pants On The Ground’ Guy

The saggy pants ban reportedly has received the official endorsement of Larry Platt, the “Pants on the Ground” singer/songwriter.

Platt famously performed his original work on American Idol in 2010, although he was too old for the actual competition. The official “Pants on the Ground” music video has reportedly received over nine million hits on YouTube.

Platt, now 65, has “gotten behind” the saggy pants ban recently enacted by the Jersey shore town of Wildwood. The new family friendly ordinance for the popular beach town’s boardwalk forbids anyone from wearing pants or skirts that sag more than three inches below the waist that exposes either skin or underwear. Fines for violators would range from $25 to $200 with the possibility of community service as well. The law takes effect next month.

Police will be authorized to tell offenders to hike up their pants and if they are unwilling to comply, they must leave the boardwalk. Cops can also issue the tickets for those who insist on being uncooperative. “Cops won’t make their rounds with measuring tape … They’ll ask obvious saggers to pull up their pants or leave the boardwalk before taking action.”

A civil rights activist and rapper, Platt is all in favor of the Wildwood, New Jersey, law and would like to see it go into effect in his hometown of Atlanta and everywhere else according to TMZ. “I am happy about the law and would like to see the law passed worldwide … Saggy pants are a disgrace to the community. When you wear your pants on the ground, you look like a fool, and it pulls down people, churches, schools, education and jobs.”

Several rappers disagree with “General” Larry Platt and have branded the saggy pants ban racist.

Do you think other cities and states — and even countries — should impose a saggy pants ban?