Hunter Hayes Celebrates New ‘Encore’ Album With ‘Crazy’ New York Show

Hunter Hays has had an exciting week this week, what with dropping his new album, Encore, and performing a two-hour set at Webster Hall as part of MTV’s Artist to Watch LIVE series

According to MTV Fans lined up around the block and wore their “I Love Hunter” T-shirts for the “I Want Crazy” singer as he prepared for his set for the Artists to Watch LIVE series.

Hayes started off with four acoustic songs, including “Somebody’s Heartbreak,” to screaming fans in the smaller studio part of the New York City venue before returning for his headlining set in the main ballroom.

The singer stated in regards to Encore, “I just felt like I wasn’t done with this chapter. It’s special to celebrate with a show.”

At 21, he already has a Platinum-selling record and three Grammy nominations under his belt.

Hayes has already announced his fall headlining tour dates, and he couldn’t be more excited about it.

According to USA Today,

“The fall is going to be a production, a show, an experience based on years of my dreaming about it. It’s kind of like my first record — you have your entire life to make your first record, I’ve had my entire life to plan for this tour.”

Hayes is working hard and it’s showing! He had been nominated for several awards at this year’s American Country Music ceremony, and even though he didn’t walk away with anything, he still stirred up the crowed, even Taylor Swift!

Fans of the country star are just as excited as Hayes is for the upcoming festivities. For all the love they give him, he makes sure to share his love for his fans too!

In between songs at Webster Hall, Hayes always made sure to reply to the hordes of girls yelling, “I love you Hunter!” by saying, “Well, I love you too!”


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