Miley Cyrus Debuts ‘We Can’t Stop’ Music Video

The video for the Miley Cyrus track “We Can’t Stop” is now available online for all to enjoy.

The clip for the song is seriously trippy, especially for Cyrus. Not only are viewers treated to numerous shots of the singer’s backside, they’re also subjected to giant dancing teddy bears, a dude eating a money sandwich, and some guy laying on a mountain of white bread. I think there may have even been a skull made out of french fries. I swear I’m not making this stuff up.

The video for “We Can’t Stop” is sure to please those who enjoy watching Miley Cyrus goof around while wearing next to nothing. When the singer does manage to find some clothes, she frequently pulls at the outfit in a suggestive manner that would make Hannah Montana turn bright red.

Where did Cyrus come up with all of this stuff, you ask? According to producer Mike Will Made It, the singer came up with the idea for the music video after attending what can only be described as an extremely wild party.

The producer told MTV News:

When she heard this song, what made her connect to this song is it reminded her of a specific party, a specific party where she was at. She’s saying real stuff. It’s all real. So it’s not like her trying to force anything or anything like that. It’s like speaking from experience. It’s like a point-of-view record.

Chances are these parties are simply too cool for most of us, so we’ll just have to live vicariously through the “We Can’t Stop” music video. Maybe that’s why she constantly sticks out her tongue at the viewer during the clip. She’s living it up, and you’re just watching everything unfold at home.

when you’re ready, you can check out the new music video below. It is a little suggestive, so be sure your surroundings are clear of sensitive viewers before proceeding.

Are you a fan of Miley Cyrus? What do you think about the singer’s music video for “We Can’t Stop?”