Michael Cera And Aubrey Plaza Four-Minute Film Short Released [Video]

If you aren’t looking too closely than you might be missing Michael Cera taking over internet streaming. Earlier he reprised his role as George-Michael Bluth on the continuation of the Arrested Development series for Netflix. Now he’s taking Youtube by storm for his latest project that see the actor branching out.

Cera has joined a Youtube collective of sorts known as JASH. The collaboration sees partners Sarah Silverman, Michael Sera, Tim & Eric, and Reggie Watts all working together to produce funny digital content.

This specific four-minute short titled Failure sees Michael Cera opposite Aubrey Plaza, and puts him back into the romantic comedy realm. The difference is that Cera himself has directed this short.

Failure is a story about a young man (Michael Cera) who stumbles upon a young woman (Aubrey Plaza), who is occupying the steps in his home. Right away you get a sense that she wasn’t invited, and at first she isn’t welcomed either. There’s something incredibly creepy about the whole tone of the short, as if we’re waiting for something disturbing to happen. It’s an unsettling situation to see Cera make hesitant eyes at a very forward Plaza. Throughout the whole short something is threatening and bubbling just beneath the surface, whether it’s a romantic situation or a physical altercation. In the end nothing ever really happens.

That said it’s still a quirky little piece to check out, and it’s nice to see Cera without his “awe shucks” face on. This is another departure for Cera. Last Wednesday Michael Cera is seen playing the most outrageous version of himself in This Is The End. What’s noted as the most surprising cameo, Cera is a coked out version of himself that would like nothing more than to have raunchy sex with all the women in James Franco’s house party. Is this a sign of better things to come from Michael Cera? We’ll see.

As for JASH a press release revealed the production company’s plan of action for their new platform. JASH which is a comedy production company owned by Daniel Kellison, Doug DeLuca and Mickey Meyer released a statement:

“JASH gives comedians and artists a platform to create and control their own digital content and fully share in the revenues. All collaborating partners are given complete autonomy to make short films, sketches, series, one-offs, talk-shows, animation and music videos.”

What do you think about Michael Cera’s contribution?