Aaron Hernandez Not Named As Suspect In Murder Investigation, Police Say

Aaron Hernandez has not been named as a suspect in a murder investigation that brought police to his North Attleboro, Massachusetts, home this week.

The New England Patriots tight end was questioned in connection with the death a man who police say was associated with Hernandez. After searching his home, police planned to also search a rental car registered to Hernandez, ABC News reported. The car was reportedly found near the body of the dead man.

A jogger found the body of a 27-year-old Boston man was discovered in a clearing near an industrial park, but police said they do not know if the victim died there or was transported. The park less than a mile from Hernandez’s home, but a 2013 Chevrolet Suburban with Rhode Island license plates was found nearby.

Reports said Aaron Hernandez initially did not cooperate with police, but he later complied. Police also searched the car of some men at Hernandez’s home who tried to leave.

The New England Patriots had little to say about the murder connection or its possible connection to Aaron Hernandez.

“I am aware of the reports, but I do not anticipate that we will be commenting publicly during an ongoing police investigation,” Patriots spokesman Stacey James said.

The sports agency representing Hernandez also denied comment on the investigation.

Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski are the league’s best pairing of tight ends, though both have struggled with injuries as of late. Gronkowski missed the end of the year with a broken forearm, one that has required multiple surgeries in the offseason to treat an infection and a back issue. Hernandez also missed 10 games last season with an ankle injury.

The Patriots have committed to Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski as important parts their future. Last summer Hernandez signed a five-year, $40 million contract, not long after the Patriots locked Gronkowski down through 2019.

[Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall / Flickr]