#SaveTheBorgias Fan Campaign Tries To Convince Showtime Not To Cancel Series

#savetheborgias is taking flight on social media. The popular historical period drama miniseries was cancelled by Showtime and aired its last episode last weekend.

The fans are up in arms with the decision. The show has a devoted following due to the historical connotation within the story and the great casting.

The Borgias star Francois Arnaud, Jeremy Irons, and Holliday Grainger and has been a big hit for the network, which is even more troublesome for the loyal viewers.

Showtime should take a look at how organized the fans are. They have a signed petition going around, they also have a Facebook page solely dedicated to their cause.

They are also having mass tweet events to rally support for the continuation of the show.

If there is anything to take from this type of situation is that fans are getting used to having their opinions listened to. #SaveTheBorgias is just the latest example of a group rallying to promote their cause.

Whether anything will come from this remains to be seen. It is not an easy proposition to convince a studio to continue a cancelled show. There are many considerations to keep in mind.

The main problem would be the cast and crew’s other engagements. Usually with miniseries cast is brought on for a specific number of seasons, the same applies to certain films with the potential of becoming franchises.

But at this point we can imagine that the cast members, knowing that the show was coming to an end, have already committed to other projects. Same applies to the director and producers.

The Borgias tells the story of the powerful Italian renaissance family of the same name whose patriarch, Rodrigo, became one of the most powerful figures of his time when he was elected as Pope Alexander VI.

Do you think fans will convince Showtime to renew The Borgias with their #SaveTheBorgias campaign?