‘Destiny’: Bungie Releases Game Details

Bungie has released some details surrounding Destiny!

Ever since announcing Destiny, Halo developer Bungie has been tight-lipped about the details. Gamers everywhere were excited to know that something different may be coming their way from the creators of Master Chief and the Flood. Bungie had been promising that the game would be epic and right up there with the shooter we’d all grown to know. They teased for a while that the game “looked incredible,” but that was all we really knew, and even the trailer was a little confusing.

Lead designer Chris Butcher told Joystiq about Destiny‘s matchmaking features, “There are lots and lots of different activities in Destiny. The way we think about it that if you’re in the mood for high intensity gameplay, low intensity gameplay, competitive or cooperative, whatever your mood, there should an activity that meets you.”

Basically, Bungie wants to make sure that no matter what your gaming preferences are, you’ll have something to enjoy with Destiny. As you traverse the various planets of Earth, Mars, Venus and the Moon, you’ll find social possibilities within the game’s context to keep you entertained.

Destiny is starting to sound like World of Warcraft meets EVE Online with a side of Dust 514, set in the real world, just possibly a few years into the future.

Chris Butcher adds, “The way we think about the public spaces is that they’re areas within the world of Destiny where, as your fireteam goes into that area, you’ll be seamlessly match-made [behind] the scenes with other fireteams. There’s no UI, progress bars, loading screens or anything like that. And that’s where we think shooter players are going to find the gameplay that’s most interesting and meaty for them, because it’s something we feel is kind of new, unexpected and exciting. What happens is, in these public areas – like I said – you’ll be match-made with other players in this large-scale cooperative experience.”

Chris Butcher apparently wants us to feel like we could spend some serious time with Destiny.  For more on the weapons and story of Destiny, see part two of this article.

What do you think of Destiny‘s online matchmaking? Is Bungie heading the right way with this game?